Words of wisdom

1.”We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”….Mother Teresa


One Response to Words of wisdom

  1. jamie says:

    here are some random ones. sorry i have not included the author names.

    no one can hurt you as much as you can hurt yourself.

    there is a risk in crossing the street, there is a risk not crossing the street.

    vision is the art of seeing the invisible

    faith is not the same as goodness.

    you can learn more from failure than you can from success.

    today is the scholar of yesterday.

    experience helps us recognise our mistakes when we do them again.

    the joy of possession seldom lasts

    water is alright in moderation

    contentment is want for nothing

    greed grows on what it feeds on

    having the least desire takes us nearer to paradise

    happiness is being able to admire without desiring

    energy creates energy

    most things are easy if done willingly.

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