The system I Dream

Philosophy: Realism

Vision: A world free of human exploitation in any form.

The followings are a brief outline for the society that I dream for:

1. Social Security:

    Be firm to protect human rights…Use your right with responsibilty, not at the cost of exploiting others.

(A) Getting minimum need for existence-food, hygienic living condition and cloths; by default without any compromise.

(B) No form of human exploitation in any possible way, in the name of any vision.

(c) Strong proction for disabled, senior citizens and social minorirty.

(D) Social harmony; absolute non-tolerance for activism but various committees would be formed to understand social problems and act based on that.

2. Education:

    It is the future of your nation.

(A) An access to basic education(fundamental communication skill,logical aptitude) for all.

(B) The opportunity to next level education(job-oriented trangs) for all willing  students.

(c)  Higher education (cutting-edge research in physical science and social science) for the talented and limited to the meritorious…train these few as far the best in the world so trhat they become though-leaders.

3. Extra-acdemic sphere:

      This is no extra; it is education as well

(A). At the basic and next level training phase; identify the talented in other extra-acdemic fields like arts (music, paintings etc) and sports.

(B) Give all of them extra-academic scholarship based on merits so that they can meet the special need to hone their talent.

(C) Give real stars special training so that they bring glory to Nation (winning Olympic Gold,etc)

4. Economy:

   Never cover up; face the strom and make public strong enough to face the strom

   (A) Open market economy; efficient in allocating resources based on competence, need and performance.

   (B) Mechanism that ensures optimal and dignified service from stars and thought leaders. 

   (c) Dedicated system to identify/support budding entrepreneurs.

   (D) Supprt for indigenous at face of global competition without compromizing with fundamentals of free market ethics.

   (E)  Emphasis on corporate social responsibilty.

5. Technology:

    Foster the culture of innovation.

    (A) Emphasis on imparting suitable technology usage in social, political, and all other processes.

    (B) Emphsis on innovation by promotiong thougt leaders and proper infrastructure.

   (C) Technology adaptation and integration based on indegenous condition not blind copying.

   (D)  Robust implementation of intellectual property rights.  

   (E)  Emphasis on comercialization of technology.

   (F) Investment on technology based on strong strategic needs.

6. Law and order:

     KIll the incorrigibles and refine others: NO half measures.

   (A) Fast judicial sytem by apt usage of technology.

    (B) No torture in prison – but, process of refinment.

    (C) Strong induction of death penalty for people inciting mobs, foreign terrorists, serious exploiters of human rights (like rape etc).

    (D)  Ensure justice.

7. Polity:

      NO non-sense please, this is really critical.

     (A)  Democratic system..state is only there to ensure justice for individuals.

      (B)  In all form of polities, only thought-leaders(TLs) and ‘stars’ are considered for the post of office-bearer and they have undergo top-lever public admisitration education and PR before serving public.The TLs and ‘star’s who show a considerable track-record for community service would be preferred.

      (C)  In absence of TLs or stars, the region would not have any highest office representative and would be taken care by president of the elected representatives. However, popular leaders can be considered by discretion of the house of representaives and commiittee of experts where opinions of the laters would get higher weightage. The popluar leader, however, has to undergo rigorous training process in compulsion, to be inculcated with functional aptitudes acquired by TLs. 

       (D) Absolute no-no for any criminals even after refinement but a convicted can be considered after judical office declared and confirmed his/her innocence.

        (E) No main-srtream plotics in any educational or training institutes, however, the internal duties in various community activities can allocated by process of election-there also stric preferrence would be given to TLs and stars.

         (F) No criminals or activist(non-tolerant towards different opinoin) would never be considered for the post of office-bearer, irrespective of his excellence in domain expertise and track-records.

    8. Foreign Policy:

            It shows if you are strong enough- no showbiz but realistically diplomat.

    (A) No half measure….never compromise about the integrity of the nation in the name of international peace or relationship.

     (B)   War is an aberration…try to avoid it. But if you ever engage, harm your enemy to such an extent that they oe any other potential enemy would cast a second thought before attacking you.  

     (C) If you are strong econimically, socially and politically- you would hardly have a group who dare to attack you- play on their insecurity and try to leverage them to increase the prosperity of your nation-but at the same never vcompromise with the basic human rights.

   (D) Overall have a disposition of being friendly, flexible but strong.

9. Popular culture and Media:

      Never try to become the boss…let them find their level.

      (A)  Encourage spontaneity of culture  (lnguage, art, socail exhage etc).

       (B)  Value difference but not disharmony.

       (C)  Respect individuals’ freedom of thought,speech and action without compromising with national security, human exploitation, activism or mass incitation.

       (D) Encouage media to act freely, but remind them about the responsibilty of being a mass medium.

       (E) Act responsibly and flexibly in these issues…feel the pulse of public.Never compromize on human exploitation.

10. Home affair:

       No polttics of appeasing in the name of doing justice to class, creed, religion/ faction.

     (A) No discrimination against color, race, sex, religion by the name of law of justice.

      (B) One single education system; no parallel  educational system.Schools can be private, community or public but the have to follow the aforementioned mechanism

     (C) Induction of humanist moral education in school.

     (D) Strong vigilence against communal forces and activist faction.

     (E)  All the public issus/ agitation/ feedback/ suggestion has to be promote in peaceful means. It is criminal to initiate force in the name of great cause. Herein,  a method is recommended to raise a issue in public:

         a. Get educated about the issue in all possible angle.

          b. Formulate a strategy to suggest an alternative mechanism to ensure justice.

           c. Consult with local counsellor in case of doubt.

           d. If it is not initiating force or not infringing with other’s fundamental right- go ahead do it yourself with or without the support of your group.

          e. In case any enforcement is needed or material restructuring is required- consult with local judical office and get the permit.

         f. Don’t wait for state intervention to protest against injustice.

  (F)  In any home affair, initiation of force is absolutely criminal. Even police force can use arm on in defense or precting fundamental rights of other individuals.


     I wish a community of humanists, where the rank and staus in the society would solely based on human character and ability.


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