Team Building

Team Work

Any successful team needs nine role players for the execution excellence.

  1. Innovator: Idea generator-produces new outlook.
  2. Resource Investigator: Observe availability and proper distribution of resources.
  3. Coordinator: Network between different resources : operation management
  4. Shaper: Strategist with vision and passion: Director, Army Chief
  5. Complete Finisher: Fine-tune the unfinished work to make complete fruition of team objective.
  6. Team worker: Working together to put up a collective effort.
  7. Monitor: Evaluates team’s progress towards its goal and give feedback to he rest of the team.
  8. Implementer: Task master and performer
  9. Specialist: Supreme command over know-how. Specialist in key activity.

Every role is important. For a successful team/ collective unit every role has to play with synergy.


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