Strategy of Non-violent Social Protest and Change

   Any social change or protest for cause per se can be put forward best in a non-violent way.Here I am not to put forward argumentaation but necessary action plan in its favor.


            Before doing anything, learn the what the matter is.A well-informed undertaking is rich in conviction which is important for the success of your trial.As popular axion ‘Look before you leap’ has almost become a truism, reflect your cause against three strategic questions-one, Is it true according to best of your belief?  Then,Will you be able to stand as responsible for all possible consequences?      

    In non-violent movement, knowledge is your power.So, gain it painstakingly.

SECOND, EDUCATION: Knowledge is the key but, you need to have knowledge so profound that you have complete indepth insigth of the issue and then, ultimately, you have to utilise you insight to come up with a robust alternative vision to which you have complete unflinching faith. Do extensive thought-experiment with your vision to tighten possible loopholes.


THIRD, NEGOTIATION:  Based on your vision, frame your argumentation and negotiate with concerned authority.Understand their position and come up with optimal solution.Dont be too rigid or too soft.See the big picture and move on, but; never compromise on any fundamental issue.

FOUTH,Non-cooperation….to be updated…refer to the method of Gandhi and MLK.

Five, reconcilation and guide people and other factors in the process of transition.

 It is a commentry on the process on application of non-violence as a method of social protest.








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