Questions are the seed of answers

                        I keep six honest serving men
                         They taught me all I knew:
                    Their names are What and Why and When
                         And How and Where and Who
  -Rudyard Kipling

Analyse using the instruments of these probes:

1. What:

2. How:

3. When:

4. Where:

5. By whom/ Who:

6. Why/ what is the motivation

Whenever approaching a scientific(Physical) issue-try to dicover following infermation:

Function(Human motivation), Form and Flow(chemistry), Ph(~f)ysics(general analysis) and Fabrication (Technology and human enterprise).

To correlate these two thesis:

1. what-Form

2. How-physics and flow.

3. When-physics.

4. Where-Macroscopic: Physics.Microscopic: Chemistry.

5. Who-Fabrication.


  Quite an amazing insight!!!



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