Paragraphs: Building blocks of communication

   Though letters, sentences seem to be more fundamental than paragraphs, in our thought process, we try to communicate our message, i.e, our idea. We rather I,encode the process by first thinking the basic idea that I want to communicate and then, by drawing outlines i.e, actually the topic sentences and each of this topic sentences forms a paragraph. It is, thus, evident that- developing a paragraph is a very important part of your communication.

  Following is a effective( standardized by its efficiency in delivering message/topic sentence) strategy for a paragraph development:

 1. Recognize the topic sentence/ main message of your paragraph. Put it in a location which accords its intended function.

2. Make sure that every sentence in that paragraph directly explains, supports, proves, illustrates, or qualifies the idea in the topic sentence. Nothing else belongs in that particular paragraph. Putting tangential material in a paragraph destroys coherence. ( from MIT OCW)

3.  Check for the intended degree of completeness of your paragraph by 5W and 1H test.


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