My words

World is a dream…your dreams and your desire is true….chase a life of what you dream…don’t fear what feared people say…they say their fear…

“people act, speak, love and do everything for self-interest and fear”…don’t give a damn what other’s telling…know what are you selling, know whom you are selling….And always know PURE EMOTION IS THE BEST RESOURCE A PERSON CAN HAVE…rest are mortals…can be achieved by earthy means…

A dead soldier lived better than a onlooker…and you won’t be a dead soldier…you are, you are, YOU ARE a VICTOR…

Work on achieving your dreams…God will come in one from or other to help you and you be a victor. What is a victory if you win battle we don’t desire…Don’t limit your desire by your ability…abilities are mortals and earthy….live like a free man…that is what victory all about…rest are illusion…

Even if you lose in true cause, people will appreciate..remember tiwana, anubhav and all other…who are they, they are only external manifestation of god who appreciate your boldness…througout the history that is the resource, that is motor that no gov, no rich people can ever control….be bold, be up and going…you will be alive my dear friend….otherwise otherwise what is life and what is death….


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