5-S is a very impressive philosophy that I have come across at Dr. Reddys’ work ethics.


5-S stands for Sorting, Systemizing, Sweeping, Standardization and Self-discipline. It is primarily a Chinese philosophy which is designed to promote better work flow.



Sorting: Choose the things you need.


Systemizing: Arrange them in proper order.


Sweeping: Discard unnecessary items.


Standardization: Benchmark your items and their arrangement on the basis of its service to promote maximum work efficiency. And if necessary; keep them updated.


Self-Discipline: Resolve is needed to maintain excellence which is generally not a lower-hanging fruit.




  For practicing 5-S, one needs idea, enthusiasm, willingness and focus. In my opinion,

 5-S is a step-forward for promoting execution excellence.


2 Responses to Learning

  1. jamie says:

    hey man,
    i love your blog here, i think its great you have established a blog for your own interest of self improvement, esp for your own use. its very inspiring, i am on the same journey myself to some enlightenment through knowledge and all the wisdom of bygone people and ideas and i have only have the remaining part of my life span to thrash it out. the fact that the blog is for your own use means this is ultimately a ‘pure’ reason unadulterated by any other purpose. happy learning…


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