Kolkata Food

Bengal and kolkata in particular is a fusion of many culture. What we boost as a Bengali culture has drwn its vital elements from English finnesse, Aryan or vedic vegeterianism, Arbic meat-rich food habits and countless local factions.Well, in Kolkata there are few places that we can safely claim to be a place of culinary excellence.

1.North Kolkata:Center of tradition and heritage of so-called ‘Ghoti’ foods>

a. Golbari: ‘Kasha Mansho'(Meat). Mouth-watering bit spicy but just a iconic dish in Bengal

b. Sweet: Various sandeshes. Places like Dwarik, Nakur, KC Dass-I think they are artists not jsut halwaiis

Pwarn is icon dish of Ghoti culture. Galda-chingri…wonderful.

2. Middle Kolkata:

a. Biryani Houses like Siraz, Aminia, Rehmania. Again it is an art and it require fine discretion to produce these foods.

b. Roll: Chicken Rolls…Nizam …flagship product of kolkata. Fast food for English officers

3. Park Street: No offence to Indian pride, this place still has the fragnace of English cultures. Full of wonderful restuarant like Trincus, Peter cut and other expensive palces. Great but, to fully savour you need to have money and willingness to indulge yourself into luxury.

4 South Kolkata:  BANGAL…..Ilish Machh….Garia Hat, Behala, Dadar para.Again little bit of Bangal influence. Different spice…free usage of chilly…different taste but that adds to the rich variety of Kolkata.

I am sorry but, they are not traditional and don’t have that artistic aspiration.Happy to be epicure and proud to be successful.


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