Inner Voice

       “A few of us can do great things, but all of us can do things with great care.”

                                                                           -Mother Teresa.



  What is your inner calling? Is it a just fairy-tale concept bestowed on some special individuals like Mother Teresa, Gandhi or MLK who all of a sudden find their meaning and achieved greatness, or in fact, mystical demigoddess? And it is here we tend to lose the plot, a saga of unflinching willpower to evolve and constant strive for meaningful pursuit. All these names go down into history with distinction only because; they choose to follow their ‘calling’ or ‘inner voice’ with unyielding conviction. What stands them apart is their conviction, not the ‘inner voice’ – in fact all of us has a ‘inner voice’ – some of us choice to hear it and some of us just ignore it, naming it ‘unrealistic’, ’impractical’. But, in heart, second group know they are missing the most fundamental value of their lives. They are missing the true motivation in life that taps their dormant talent to a greater height. They are missing the fuel of their passion; that would raise their limited execution faculty to a greater plane of excellence. They are, in fact, missing the meaning of their life by choosing to ignore their ‘inner voice’.


  What is this all illusive ‘inner voice’, at all? It is that instinct which makes us who we are. It is in our idiosyncratic individuality. It is the distinctiveness between pacific Gandhi and audacious SC Bose, restless Ulysses and patient Telemachus, majestic Caeser and ungrateful Brutus. It is nature’s gift to us- and our destiny would only be accomplished, if we follow our ‘inner voice’.


  We, mortals, having mind filled with illusion; find it very difficult to find the inner voice because of our susceptibility to ‘Lobh’(greed);‘Kam’(lust),’Krodh’(Anger),’Madh’(intoxication); ‘Moha’(attachment); and ‘Matsarya’(envy).  Greed is striving for material excess beyond one’s needs. Lust is obsessive thoughts of sexual desire. Anger/wrath is losing of self-control over mental poise and engagement to inflict harm to others. Intoxication is over-indulgence to the point of excess. Attachment is personal bias which is a form of vanity which tends to attach too much self-importance. Envy is uncontrollable mental restlessness at others’ possession. To add to this you have illusion of despair which is nothing but impatience. All these are mental diseases which can be cured by regular meditation and prayer. The process would help us to adapt a dispassionate mental disposition, where our inner voice is easily discernable.


 After attainment of mental and spiritual poise, one need to ask oneself constantly – what is my goal in life? One might say I want to be a rich man, great, but, after that? There are many desires in our minds which come up in guise of ‘inner calling’s. Inner calling comes with fortitude of conviction. Standardize your desire with a question:


   “If I have gained all the material possession one day; after all merriment, what I want to do next?”


Material possession is just mortal instruments, with which you can fulfill higher purposes. Without that money, mere medium of exchange is utterly worthless. For many us, next is to become a powerful person-with material possession like, presidency of your state. And with this, you can have institutionalized power. Real power, i.e., influence on others’ choice, however, can only be exercised with your own faculty and after an initial threshold level, it is independent of one’s circumstances, background but solely, on one’s choices. You bound to meet obstacles. Whether you persistently and intensely involve overcoming obstacles determine your accomplishment. Try to compensate the pain of enduring with the pain that you supposed to be inflicted with the ultimate failure. And, as long as, you are not giving up, you are not losing. After one accomplishment, it is very important to have courage to ask for the next barrier and continue in the sunlit path of excellence.


Having said all these, ultimately; nature, God, or supreme power whatever we call that omnipotent soul – it is h/she is controlling us. We are bound to follow his/her dictate. But, still at the end of day,

He/she is a just judge who never ever compromise with justice. And all we mortals should strive for the excellence in our respective endeavors, leaving the end results to the benevolent hand of almighty who actually is the best judge of us and ultimate benefactor.




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