Creative Writing

Creative writing is an important activity to describe yourself with elan and for giving your written word a personality and style.


1. Be aware about your audience.

2. Develop your basic message/theme. 

3. Choose the medim of you theme i.e, brief outline of your story.

4. Inter-connect them with connecting events.

And guess what your story is done!!


1. Choose figurative words that appeal to sense (sight,sound,odor,taste and tactility)  of your audience  so that your description and words can actually be felt not just be read.

2. Illustrate your subject matter with proper rhetoric devices(like, metaphors,analogy etc) so that audience can easily engage themselves.

3. Check for the completenes, where you intended, by 5W and 1H questionnaires. 

4.  Classify the plot of your story so that it easy for the readers to understand your message or be convinced with that.This depends upon your predisposition whether you way is causal one (cause and effect), emotive one(eulogy, sermon, harangue etc) or other.

5.  Show variation in your usage of English- this can be done by vocabulary, sentence structure, first elent of a sentence.


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