for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so

I just wanna highlight the punctuation.

He is living dangerously, for he has been driving without any license

Her writing is wise, and concise.

He is lazy, nor does he speak well.

He is lazy, but he speaks really well

He is lazy, or he is stupid.

He is lazy, yet he is charming.

He is lazy, so he will not prosper.

IDEA is to follow proper punctuation for coordinating conjunction.

Independent clause marker conjunction, as name suggests, is a conjunction used at the beginning of a independent clause.

He is lazy; consequently, he is not suitable for the job.

He is lazy; also, he is stupid.

He is lazy; however, he is charming.

He is lazy, furthermore, he has a tendency to steal.

He is charming; moreover, he earns six-figure salary.

He is charming; therefore, he is suitable for sales.

He is so simple; nevertheless, profoundly wise.

both and, either or, neither nor, weather or, not only but also

after, as, as if, although

because, before

even, even if, even though

if, in order to



until, unless

what, whatever, when, whenever, while, whether


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