An Idea and I am going to work on it

A forum where people can identify their passion.

1.What is your passion?

2. How to identify passion?

3. Difference between true passion and just earthly attachment?

4.Dream and passion?

5. Why passion is essential?

What after finding true !!!

 We need to plan to realize our passion with more care.It is path less travelled.


Our forum is to identify your passion and act on it to realize your full potential


3 Responses to An Idea and I am going to work on it

  1. jamie says:

    passion is driven by possibly a neurological condition inherited or through environment. i.e. why do autistics get so involved in their passions, their
    brains set up becomes tickled by certain stimuli, through no chosing of their own. inherited?
    and to some degree we are all on the autistic spectrum, we all get tickled in various ways and we dont know why.
    some times people get passionate through environment or family interests whereby possible nostalgia or value system has set so deep a root in our mental identity that we cannot be help view the reality through certain lenses and thus our value system i.e. standing for what is right in the world, if this is a political interest for example.
    passion per individual is great because we are all so different in our mental strengths and we are frequently befuddled by other peoples interest, why are they so passionate about it we ask ourselves, its what makes the worlds people as enriching as it is. people should pursue what ever they find their strengths are rooted in.
    but i think passion can sometimes get interference by what is socially desirable, for example if other people are interested in this, this could be a deluded passion then. in a way, one has to put oneself in a hypothetical situation whereby no body else exists in the world, and make our decisions this way, albeit obviously within the laws of the land.

  2. ann finkler says:

    thanks for your comments.

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