How to read

To further your education, you need to know how to read better. That includes reading serious materials such as academic journal papers, books. In this level of reading understanding the content of the matter is the key. It’s markedly different from fancy novel reading but serious lituerate contents.So, we have to behave differently.

We can follow AIC approach.

The first step is anticipate, here we have to guess what author is trying to deal with. The possible source could be title of the material, such as book chapter name. If possible try to get an idea about the mood of the author- is he critical?Is is informing something? With this anticipation, your mind is more alert to grasp the material.

Next step is interpretation. The author must have posed the problem/propositopn and then he is trying to solve/validate that. You should understand the logical grounding of these process.

Next step is critical analysis. Here you are expected to form an rational evalution of the logical framework developed by the other. Is author’s reasoning is consistent? Is is comprehensive?

With this method you should get an insight about the material quickly.


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